There will be no Merrimack Valley Christian Film Festival in 2016.

Christian Film Festivals of America, Inc. will temporarily suspend further activities and not hold our customary Merrimack Valley Christian Film Festival during Holy Week 2016.

The primary reason for this decision is that the Showcase Cinemas in Lawrence will be closing their doors permanently at the end of January 2016. At this time, we have found no viable alternative venue. We know that God is sovereign and believe that this decision is His will at this time. Should He choose to open another way to continue this ministry elsewhere in the Merrimack Valley, we will update you accordingly.

In the meantime, we rejoice in the knowledge that over the last 23 years here and throughout the country, God has graciously used this ministry to call 23,264 souls to faith and trust in Jesus Christ our Lord. Praise God! Thank you to all who have supported this ministry through prayer, volunteering and/or through financial support. May God continue to bless each and everyone of you. – Jim Bolton, President CFFA, Inc.