Christian Film Festivals of America, Inc. is an evangelistic ministry that uses the medium of Christian films as a vehicle to share the life changing message of Jesus Christ.

The ministry began in Salem, New Hampshire over twenty years ago and then moved to Lawrence, Massachusetts in the Merrimack Valley, where festivals have taken place since 1994 during the week before Easter [ Holy Week ].

Typically, the ministry rents 2 screens in a large cinema complex for 1 week and presents a variety of Christian films.  Admission is free to each and every show and no offering is taken in the theater.  A live invitation is given at the end of each show. When people come forward, there are trained counselors at the front of the theater who share and pray with those who respond to the invitation. All those making commitments to Christ are referred back to  Bible believing / evangelical churches for follow-up.

To date:  44 film festivals have been held around the country; 24 in New England, 4 in Central  California, 2 in Southern California, 6 in Orlando, Florida, 3 in the Upstate area of South Carolina, 2 in Syracuse, NY and 1 each in Memphis, TN and Rochester, NY. Attendance over the years has been over 390,000 with over 23,00 commitments to Christ made at these film festivals. To God be the glory!

Christian Film Festivals of America is open to taking this evangelistic outreach to wherever God leads. If you are interested in the possibility of bringing a Christian Film Festival to your community, please E-Mail us at

To date we have held 44 film festivals around the country with attendance just over 390,000. We have seen over 23,000 commitments to Christ made at these film festivals!

Our Board of Directors

Jim Bolton, President

Amy Vendt, Treasurer

Valerie Borgal, Clerk

Jim Milton

Charlie Darling